The next 6 months

Above: Memme Ramaila – for information about this extraordinary farmer, visit

There goes another half year. Hopefully we all are happy with the way we have been managing our lives. Firstly, Khwela would like to thank all of you who drove out to Brits in order to celebrate African unity with us through food, music, fashion, honey and other craft goodies. This event was held at Memme Ramaila’s farm. Memme is a leader in the agriculture sector as a bee and maize farmer. She put her heart and soul into promoting farming for rural women and youth. Your support is much appreciated and we hope that this year will continue to be a year of growth, planning for next year and completely challenging ourselves to make full use of our potential.

Khwela Factory is currently working on it’s collection of Unoyiwawa merchandise and we hope to soon bring an African flavor to your souvenirs or torn upholstery. Watch this space for when we announce an opportunity to pre-order our goods at a massive 50% discount.

If you have any specific textile needs, contact By supporting us, you would be supporting products that speak to our African identity made in South Africa.

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