The long road to a United Africa (2094)

On 6 May 2022, Brandhill Africa Group hosted an inspiring webinar in order to explore the role of trade and investment promotion in advancing the African Continental Free Trade Agreement.

The programme directors were the gracious Thabiso Sikwane, a seasoned broadcaster and published author, as well as Dr. Nimrod Mbele who is a presenter on Chai FM.

After the welcome address by Sisa Njikelana, CEO of Sinakoyoli Consulting, Saul Molobi, the Group CEO and Chairman of Brandhill Africa shared a background on how the African Continental Free Trade Agreement was progressing.

There are many lessons to be learned from the European Union and the private sector will be the key driver of change through the development of infrastructure and reliable business networks across the African region.

Brandhill Africa Group’s ambitious goal is to position Africa as a viable investment destination. Currently, out of 100 of the most admired brands in Africa, 13% are African. 47 out of 54 African countries have a GDP that is lower than the Gauteng Province. Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, the DRC and South Africa are stronger in their economic outlook compared to other African countries. With a contribution of 2% to the global economy, Africa, a haven when it comes to land, can use its raw materials to advance trade for the benefit of Africans.

This coupled with a strong network of internationally competitive businesses owned by Africans in the pharmaceutical, manufacturing and technology industries would lead to a prosperous Africa for generations to come. We should build champions in each field through quality wholistic education, leadership with integrity and patriotism.

As Professor Tshilidzi Marwala advised in Leadership lessons from books I have read, we should train our leaders to be competent and incorruptible.

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