Redefining how we perceive each other

Kgomotso le Roux live at the University of Johannesburg with Yonela Mnana, Dr. Sonkanise Nkosi, Mabeleng Moholo, Alex, Baboledi and Sifiso Bogale

When music and storytelling is at the core of spiritual expression and healing, collaboration is key in achieving harmony. It doesn’t matter what race, creed, gender or status you have in life. What matters more is whether through the arts you are able to achieve understanding from another person’s perspective and not just your own.

My late mentor (may her beautiful soul rest in peace), Neno, taught me that in the midst of a war, what will carry you through is not revenge. Peace is our saving grace. Those who strive for material gain will continue to do all they can to acquire this at all costs.

Those who strive to achieve mutually beneficial relationships will be in action to communicate with respect, compassion and humility.

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