Most people like the idea of angels watching over us. In African culture, ancestors and totem animals represent angelic energies that protect us from negative forces. This Nomkhubulwane design is indicative of angelic forces that bring hope and inspire determination in our lives.

Unoyiwawa Scarf and mask combos

Layered peacock closed scarf and mask
Green peacock open scarf
Nomkhubulwane b on w closed and open scarfs
Live peacock closed and open scarfs
Mastard peacock closed scarf and mask combo
Mbira b on w closed scarf and mask combo
Nomkhubulwane open and closed scarfs yellow
Peacock earth scarf and mask combo
Peacock feminity scarf and mask combo
Peacock femininity closed scarf and mask combo

Peacock live closed scarf and mask combo
Peacock rainbow closed scarf with mask combo
Protea and mpepho b on o closed scarf
Protea closed scarf b on w mask
Protea open scarf and mask b on o
Rain dance open scarf
Success closed scarf with mask combo
Yellow closed scarf
Yellow peacock open scarf and mask combo

Home is where the music is

Scarf and matching face mask: Mbira print

We can yearn for the heart-thumping in unison with live music as it was performed before COVID – 19 when stories were clothed in melody and experienced by people in settings that benefitted other industries such as retail, food and beverage, transport or tourism.

We should acknowledge our current frustration and sadness as we try to manage the surge of the coronavirus but we should also strive to think positively about our future. Our outlook on life is influenced by the clothes we wear so at Khwela Factory, we create textile related items that speak to how we want our future identity to look like.

This mbira scarf and face mask print is a reminder that the African spirit needs music to heal. Let it play on. Let it reveal the relationships we have with those who matter. Let us wear symbols that inspire us to appreciate what we have and the contribution we can make to the world.

Let the hypnotic vibrations of the mbira resonate from within you. Even when we can’t sing in public, we can sing to ourselves. We can sing without a single sound being heard because as the wind makes the scarf dance, the mbira is part of that supernatural expression.

Your heart is where the music is.

Get more for less

Get more for less when you order breathable and washable Unoyiwawa face masks
Use one of our Velcro straps to make your current masks with the ear loops fit better
Layers of fabric: 4 ply
Material: Polyester, cotton, elastic, Velcro & spun bond
Get more for less delivered at your door.
To place your order, WhatsApp Kgomotso on +27794822051 or email
Available in kids and adult sizes.
Peacock femininity
Protea and mpepho
Peacock in layers
Mbira in black on white
Peacock rainbow
Live peacock
Nude peacock
Nomkhubulwane black on white
The rain dance

Wearing our stories for health

There is a huge demand for cloth face masks that are washable as we try to find ways to protect ourselves against the coronavirus. Khwela Factory has taken the initiative to use its Unoyiwawa fabric to make face masks that are representations of our South African story written by Kgomotso le Roux titled Unoyiwawa’s Birth.

The reversible masks are available in small, medium and large sizes. Once you have used up the printed part, flip it over to the black side and position the elastic bands on your head for comfort that does not strain your ears.

Material: Polyester, elastic, dri-mac, cotton & spun-bond

Get yours now.

Design: Protea and mpepho
Colors: Black on white
Design: Peacock rainbow
Colors: Purple, red, blue and black on white
Design: Nude peacock
Colors: Nude variations
Design: Peacock earth
Colors: Brown variations
Design: Peacock live
Colors: Green, pink and blue on pink
Design: Peacock
Colors: Red, orange and black on mustard
Design: Live
Colors: Green, black and mustard on green

Design: Peacock in layers face mask
Colors: Red, black, yellow and orange on mustard

Design: Protea & Mpepho face mask
Colors: black on orange
Design: Nomkhubulwane
Colors: White on yellow
Design: Success
Colors: Orange, grey, black, and red

Education in the time of Coronavirus

In the face of adversity and panic, only the faithful survive. Unoyiwawa’s Birth teaches us to be resilient. We had planned a provincial school tour where we partnered with schools to present the Unoyiwawa story to grade 4 -7 learners. Nature decided to swerve us into quarantine mode so we revert to working from home and promoting the Unoyiwawa story with related textile designs online.

Many are crying because of the state of the South African economy. Businesses that rely on tourism to generate an income have to find a solution to this drastic shift in the economy. The stress related to this has driven many to bed due to a weakened immune system. Diversify the income stream. This is a lesson to learn.

If you are recovering from a cold, read a great book in bed and enjoy the moment with our Unoyiwawa cushions. They are great for sitting up and back support at only R310. Free delivery in Gauteng.

All about fun reading

We are inviting schools in Gauteng to partner with us in making reading fun for 9 to 14-year old learners. Khwela Factory is passionate about education and a culture of reading that goes beyond the classroom.

Our musical reading initiative fuses practical and critical thinking with music to bring books to life and enhance the emotional impact of our stories.

If you would like to join us in this drive, contact us now. Our future leaders depend on it.

Our Warmest Wishes for 2020

Rain dance dress

Our past does not equal our future. 2020 is an exciting year where the seeds we have planted and acted to care for, grow and become part of our creation going forward.

Now is the opportunity to learn from the negative experiences of the past, take control of the present so that the future can be lived in faith as we command it to be.

Khwela Factory wishes you a purposeful, happy and prosperous 2020. Each and every day is a present. Let’s make the most of it.