Home is where the music is

Scarf and matching face mask: Mbira print

We can yearn for the heart-thumping in unison with live music as it was performed before COVID – 19 when stories were clothed in melody and experienced by people in settings that benefitted other industries such as retail, food and beverage, transport or tourism.

We should acknowledge our current frustration and sadness as we try to manage the surge of the coronavirus but we should also strive to think positively about our future. Our outlook on life is influenced by the clothes we wear so at Khwela Factory, we create textile related items that speak to how we want our future identity to look like.

This mbira scarf and face mask print is a reminder that the African spirit needs music to heal. Let it play on. Let it reveal the relationships we have with those who matter. Let us wear symbols that inspire us to appreciate what we have and the contribution we can make to the world.

Let the hypnotic vibrations of the mbira resonate from within you. Even when we can’t sing in public, we can sing to ourselves. We can sing without a single sound being heard because as the wind makes the scarf dance, the mbira is part of that supernatural expression.

Your heart is where the music is.

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