Education in the time of Coronavirus

In the face of adversity and panic, only the faithful survive. Unoyiwawa’s Birth teaches us to be resilient. We had planned a provincial school tour where we partnered with schools to present the Unoyiwawa story to grade 4 -7 learners. Nature decided to swerve us into quarantine mode so we revert to working from home and promoting the Unoyiwawa story with related textile designs online.

Many are crying because of the state of the South African economy. Businesses that rely on tourism to generate an income have to find a solution to this drastic shift in the economy. The stress related to this has driven many to bed due to a weakened immune system. Diversify the income stream. This is a lesson to learn.

If you are recovering from a cold, read a great book in bed and enjoy the moment with our Unoyiwawa cushions. They are great for sitting up and back support at only R310. Free delivery in Gauteng.

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