Wearing our stories for health

There is a huge demand for cloth face masks that are washable as we try to find ways to protect ourselves against the coronavirus. Khwela Factory has taken the initiative to use its Unoyiwawa fabric to make face masks that are representations of our South African story written by Kgomotso le Roux titled Unoyiwawa’s Birth.

The reversible masks are available in small, medium and large sizes. Once you have used up the printed part, flip it over to the black side and position the elastic bands on your head for comfort that does not strain your ears.


4 Layers: Polyester, dri-mac & spun-bond

Plain black: R20 (minimum order – 25 masks)

Kiddies face masks: R40

Face mask prints as shown below: R50 (minimum order – 10 masks)

Free delivery in Gauteng.

Get yours now.

Design: Peacock rainbow
Color: Purple, red, blue and black on white
Design: Nude peacock
Color: Nude variations
Design: Peacock earth
Color: Brown variations
Design: Peacock live
Color: Green, pink and blue on pink
Design: Peacock
Color: Red, orange and black on mustard
Design: Live peacock
Colors: Green, black and mustard on green

Design: Peacock in layers face mask
Colors: Red, black, yellow and orange on mustard

Design: Protea & Mpepho face mask
Colors: black on orange
Design: Nomkhubulwane
Color: White on yellow
Design: Success
Color: Orange, grey, black, and red

Education in the time of Coronavirus

In the face of adversity and panic, only the faithful survive. Unoyiwawa’s Birth teaches us to be resilient. We had planned a provincial school tour where we partnered with schools to present the Unoyiwawa story to grade 4 -7 learners. Nature decided to swerve us into quarantine mode so we revert to working from home and promoting the Unoyiwawa story with related textile designs online.

Many are crying because of the state of the South African economy. Businesses that rely on tourism to generate an income have to find a solution to this drastic shift in the economy. The stress related to this has driven many to bed due to a weakened immune system. Diversify the income stream. This is a lesson to learn.

If you are recovering from a cold, read a great book in bed and enjoy the moment with our Unoyiwawa cushions. They are great for sitting up and back support at only R310. Free delivery in Gauteng.

All about fun reading

We are inviting schools in Gauteng to partner with us in making reading fun for 9 to 14-year old learners. Khwela Factory is passionate about education and a culture of reading that goes beyond the classroom.

Our musical reading initiative fuses practical and critical thinking with music to bring books to life and enhance the emotional impact of our stories.

If you would like to join us in this drive, contact us now. Our future leaders depend on it.

Our Warmest Wishes for 2020

Rain dance dress

Our past does not equal our future. 2020 is an exciting year where the seeds we have planted and acted to care for, grow and become part of our creation going forward.

Now is the opportunity to learn from the negative experiences of the past, take control of the present so that the future can be lived in faith as we command it to be.

Khwela Factory wishes you a purposeful, happy and prosperous 2020. Each and every day is a present. Let’s make the most of it.

Don’t renovate your space until you read this

Spring cleaning your home or office hopefully involves recycling old material and decluttering your space. Let’s be mindful and responsible when it comes to climate change so please recycle what you can. It will take each and every one of us to save this earth. It’s fantastic to see how stylish recycled material can be when a talented designer works with the project manager and property owner to design a dream vision and manage it into reality.

Renovating your space can bring about positive energy into your life and your community. If you fail to start your renovations with a documented project plan, you may be planning to fail. Manufacturers are known to say they can do the job in 5 days that ends up taking a whole 2 months to complete due to delays, over expenditure, a sudden increase in the scope and quality issues.

If you are a marketing executive who needs a reliable project manager to handle your renovation or corporate gift project for the company without you having to micro-manage, Khwela Factory would design the project plan for your requirements, monitor, and evaluate the project throughout its life cycle to ensure professional management and delivery.

Layered peacock feathers silk scarf

Starting a project without a professional project plan is like burning plastic and hoping that there is no such thing as climate change. If you would like to save money and get great value for your new breath-taking space, your corporate gift or renovation project, contact kgomotso@khwelafactory.co.za.

Khwela Factory is a true one-stop-shop that provides real integrated solutions. The benefit of opening an account with us is that you can benefit in discounts from bulk orders with options to help clients manage capital expenditures and cash-flow.

Unoyiwawa’s Birth Collection

We are so excited to announce that on 1 November 2019 we will launch #Unoyiwawa’sBirthCollection at Exclusive Books. The exact details of the event will be shared with the first 30 people to order from this collection. Feel inspired and revamp your home with our merchandise that exists to empower South Africans. #ImpactDrivenInitiatives

Opportunity for Seamstresses

Khwela Factory is looking for seamstresses to serve as suppliers to the company. 

Work overview: The successful candidates will produce our curtains, scatter cushions, ties, table cloths and scarves.

South African story book to be launched in September 2019

Key skills include:

Attention to detail, creativity, manual dexterity, customer-service skills, ability to operate, ownership and use of sewing equipment, tools and a portfolio of work.

Important requirements:

  • Reliability
  • Punctuality

How to Apply:

To apply for this opportunity, please email your CV / company profile and a portfolio of work, by no later than 4pm on 30 August 2019 to kgomotso@khwelafactory.co.za.

Only successful candidates will be contacted.